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Champagne Sports

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Anyone done any fishing at or around champagne sports resort in the berg??
Going there this weekend any info would be much appreciated!!!
Big Grin
Warren there are a couple of smaller dams at the Dragons Peak resort which is almost next door.
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Thanks pomerob
Keen to let my kid catch a few small bass , he is just turning 4 and hoping to get him interseted in bass!! Not much of an attention span at that age though!!
They have a few small ponds by the caravan park and have a bigger one at the top by the time share. The fishing is far from easy and may not be the best place to get a 4 yr old intrested.
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Not much fish in the dams or are they full of sh**t?
When was the last time you were there?
No Matter if we dont catch just fun to spend time with the kids .
Always inanda to fall back on the next week!
I was there about 1.5 years ago and managed to catch 3 small fish the whole weekend, robfisher was there about 8 months ago and caught diddly if I remember correctly.

The dams are full of weed and have a lot of fishing pressure as well. The bottom dam near the run way in the caravan park seemed the best for me.
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The dams at Dragons Peak are absolutely useless and full of weeds! Plus you have to be a resident to fish there? you would be better off trying the dam at the Southern Sun hotel close by.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Thanks rob are there any dams at champane sports resort itself?
Not that I know off, but I have only been there for company piss up's (use to call them SCO confrences :lol: :lol: Wink
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