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Rod eyes?

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Just a quick question.. When buying a rod to use for casting braid would most Fuji lined eyes do? What should I look for?
For many many years, I used the cheapest of the cheap equipment...both rods and reels (Shimano Scimitar, Diawa Tri-Force and Shimano Nexave rods - Shimano Calisto, Crestfire and Banax Zest reels) and every reel was loaded with 45lbs Kingfisher Super Braid.

Those rods caught many fish from farm dams and public waters. I still have some of the rods.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt. There is NOTHING wrong with the eyes from using braid. Some people will have their own stories of how braid cuts into the eyes. Personally, I think its a myth.
And a myth is a female moth
im with kassie on this one i had 60lbs "rope" on one of those elbe kiddies rods with a okuma topaz spining reel no damage not even in salt water
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Tanks guys... :blue-confused:
Line technology has come a LOOONG way from the first introductions of braid... They are more rounded these days and alot less abbrasive...

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