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Inanda Feb 24

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Another great morning at Inanda , The weather was good and no wind. My self ,Piet and Marcel decided to start at Taxi bay and work our way back to the dam wall , allot of ground to cover. Things were quiet and Piet landed the first one at about 7:00 we dropped another few and at about 09:30 things were dead..... time to go to another spot. We decided to go not towards the wall but to go and see what it look like near where the river flow into the dam.

What we saw was very disturbing....There was a few African %&#$ fishing and the 2 dead bass that they off loaded from there little boat must have been over 4kg's each. I counted about 8 dead bass in total...what a waste!!!!!

I was so peedoff and decided to head back and to go and fish near the dam wall. We got another 7 bass all between 400 and 600 grams. The wind came up around 12 and we decided to call it a day.

Not the best but......ANOTHER GREAT DAY FISHING !!!!!!!!!!!!
Aish.... pretty much sounds like our day yesterday..... just we stayed until 3pm..... :roll: :-? :-(

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
What was the weather like Fab

We had a good morning untill about 12 then it started to get choppy ...but a bad day's fishing is still better than a good day at the office...
Weather was hot!!!!! Damn hot!!!! Hotter than a snakes a$$ in a wagon rut!!!! 8O :-? :lol:

The wind picked up and Drew's batteries took strain beeeeeeg time.... We had minimal battery power by like midday..... The wind was a right royal pain in the a$$ as it kept changing direction.... :roll: :evil:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Fab , try wind with a paddle ski. Then you will realy have something to complain about :twisted: :twisted:
Warrenx Wrote:Fab , try wind with a paddle ski. Then you will realy have something to complain about :twisted: :twisted:

Hehehehehe.... That is best left for ppl with a screw loose!!!!!! 8O :-? Wink :lol:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Get another battery Fab..... maybe an ancor will help.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Appel, I have three 70amp batteries on board already 8O and I've lost one fish around an anchor rope before.... that's one to many. I think what I need is a single 105 amp battery but I'm sick of spending money on batteries. When I can no longer pop down for half a day then I will get another one. I do not intend fishing any comps for a while, so what I'm stuck with now will be fine....
Hi Drew

Just pulling Fab's leg ....I know how you feel I've got 2 batteries and I droped one the other day ..the freeking handle broke and now it is all cracked on the one side. It need to be replaced it before april (R1200). I agree with you ,I do not like an ancor and have lost a few fish around an ancor aswell. What is the best battery to get..I have 2 normal deepcycle batteries for my troling motor and it last me when there is no wind about 2 days.
Appel there have been some good posts by Shannon and Fishton regarding batteries. Look them up in the previous forums and I'm sure they will help you make a decision.
Thanks Drew

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