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Roodekopjes Dam Camping

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Hi All,

Can anyone suggest a good overnight camping spot next to the bank with slipway access. I'm looking for good security, but facilities can be minimal. I was considering Dennekruin although I have never been to Roodekopjes and dont know what is available. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

hi pitman
denekruin is a good place to go camp there is a small shop and so on and security is not a big issue, you could also go the transvaal camping grounds but they are a bit more pricey than denekruin, i normally go to Oasis drankwinkle and enter there it is cheap and safe but there is hardly any facilities i launch my boat there all the way to the left of the water front as there is hard ground there and some nice trees to set up camp please feel free to ring me about camping areas there and i wil bel more than happy to help.
Please remember that this is Africa and you are not safe anywhere. As for Denekruin, I do not believe that your life is threatened by camping there but lots of people are missing items in the morning when they wake up, so if you decide to camp, make sure you lock everything up and be careful. Stay close to other campers etc.
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I think Dennekruin is the best option for camping, theres also a nice pool and good facilities.
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