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Crime in Empangeni

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Bummer? did they take anything or did you disturb them? And people ask me why I have a 6? wall right around my place with electric fence on top and then beams in the garden and 2 huge savage dogs and then two mad and well armed owners!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Bummer X 2..... Sorry to hear that Fishton!!!! Give us the rundown of what happened boet.....?? 8O :x :evil:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
They jumped the fence, broke into the rear courtyard where we keep all the kids pool toys and hang all the wet towels and things. They took everything that could be carried and tried to break into my office. They woke me as they were trying to jump the courtyard wall on their way out. No major loss, but the intrusion is what gets me. Nothing like Appel's nightmare!!!! 8O
Sorry Drew, see it was Lukas I qouted, my bad. :oops:

Sorry to hear about you to Fishton. That's why both my dogs are black. The b*stards won't see them coming, the'll be jumped over and have a German shepard on the arm or leg and a staffiexpitbull around the neck. :twisted:
Hi Fishton

Sorry to hear....the bastards all over and it seems to get worse day by day...They can take all they want aslong as they leave the family alone. but you right the intrusion is the worst , and I am tyred to live in a jail but i guess we have to.
ya what are we gonna do.....we are living on the planet of the apes Sad
mumro Wrote:ya what are we gonna do.....we are living on the planet of the apes Sad

Hehehe.... more like the country of the apes!!!! 8O :-?

There isn't as much violent crime in other countries as there is here.... In other countries there is still respect and value to a human life.... Here..... well u all know the story.... Just glad that both of our online buddies and their families are ok!!!!! Wink :lol:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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