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Newbie taking on R50 Dam

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Everything we have caught there has been on spinners so far. Yellow and green seems to get their attention.

Cool will check it out. Whats the biggest bass so far from this place
So far my son has caught the biggest fish here for our family.

[Image: dbbfab61-c563-44a3-be60-f0ba42b27a6c_zpsisiojqvs.jpg]

I have seen a couple of other guys catch similar size fish so I think this is possibly the average for this dam

Hi Sean,

I am going to R50 dam tomorrow to do some "Papgooi" with friends , but after seen your Post on here - am now gonna take my Bass Tackle too.

Did you catch in the Normal Dam or the New Dam(s)?


Half of my Life I have spent fishing- the other half I have just wasted
Welcome to the site bigtruck!

Please introduce yourself to us. Shot for putting up an avatar!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Bigtruck, We have caught in the old dam and the new. The new dams do give much more bites though.

This is what R50 looks like now.

[Image: e675faeb-e94d-4aef-aad2-4d08dcbebc57_zpso2tkenkp.jpg]

The dam on the right is the original Carp dam but has bass as well

The larger "Center" dam with the small island has a lot of bass as does the "bottom" dam. These two offer the best chances. The "furthest left dam also has good numbers of bass but also a lot of well sized carp.

The small little U shaped dam also has fish but I am not sure what kind.

Hi Gents, this looks like a decent place to make an effort.
Where is it?
Howzit bro its in alberton. Its called roodt oord now. Fishing has dramatically improved lately
peace,love and bassing.
Hi Folks

There is a second R50 dam in Alberton which caters for bank bass anglers.
They have a general fishing dam with Carp, Bass, Curpers and Barber.
Bass are generally tiny in this dam which is used by the pap gooiers.

Then they have a Carp specimen dam which is only for the specimen guys and you need to book before hand and have your kit inspected before you are allowed to fish in this dam.

Thirdly, there is a Bass dam with some pretty decent bass.
No boating on this dam as it is a little too small.
Great access to 3/4 of the dam with reads covering the other 1/4.

This spot is called Fun Fishing and is situated inside the Rietvlei Zoo farm on Swartkoppies road.
I will be the first to admit that I have not caught any Bass there myself, but I have seen Bass being caught.

R50 per person per day.
It has a little tackle shop with the basics.
Safe and secure.

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