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Marker Bouys

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Does any body use bouys in stead of the gps features to stay on one spot during windy conditions on the lakes. I have build my own based on the H shape design that is available in the market.

Has anybody have experiences good or bad or modification advise from prior frustrations with regards to these bouys in the water or is it just straight forward dump them and they will remain there until you are done on the spot and move on?

The reason I want to use them is in any situation where i work a drop off or a channel with no real land marks close by to stay in contact with the spot and work it well.
Always drop it off going into the wind, never the other way round.
I don?t use a buoy very often? but when I hit a critical spot like the Hump or Andre?s point at Inanda I find ?the spot? and drop the buoy to keep me in the strike zone!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Marker bouys are very useful and one would be nuts not to use one.... 8O :-?

If you find a sweet spot and drop a marker so that you can stay at a distance and cast too it, enables you to keep the boat away from the strike zone but also gives you a target you can cast to from all angles.... 8-) Wink

We found a spot on flats the one time where we pulled flukes past a shweeet spot.... without the marker bouy, we wouldn't have been able to fish that spot repeatedly.... We got 6 fish off that exact same spot avarage about 1,2kgs.... :roll: Wink

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One of those tools I have, but don't use enough. :roll:

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