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Social fishing JHB

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Due to a good response I received on starting a once a month social fishing 'club'/event in JHB, I would like to extend the invite to anyone who would be interested, who might not have viewed my previous post. Basically a once a month fishing outing in the Gauteng area, where we all can club in and heaviest catch of the day goes to whoever/ whichever team, if everyone thinks its a good idea? Have a braai afterwards, and get to know who fishes where and how. :blue-cool: If anyone else is still interested mail me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> - Need aproximately 4-5 more guys to make this thing viable! Will be mailing info to all who has responded at the end of this week; for an outing the weekend after Easter weekend! So keep em mails coming! :blue-biggrin:
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