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Tips and tricks for Bass lake - Vereeniging????

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Hi Guys

I saw that another user asked some info regarding bass lake - Im planning a trip to bass lake Henley - Vereeniging - pretty soon, and was wondering what lures work there? Also wondering if it is a must for an inflatable, or are you able to land some big ones from the bank?

Anyone who has caught there recently?

Decent spots/structure, as i see divers and canoeists (if thats a word) get preference?

Any feedback is welcome!

Fish on!
Vienna's catch the big fish.

Divers feed the bass with Vienna's, so the fish don't even look for anything else when it comes to lures...Go figure.

Bank bashing should be fine too.
WOW viennas, never knew that. I will have to try that there next time. Thanks for the info.
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:blue-lol: I just cant chuck a vienna in the water dude! Imagine catching a big ol bass, posting a topic here and some okes asking whether to go for Enterprise or PNP no name!!!!!?
:blue-lol: :blue-lol: :blue-lol: :blue-lol: :blue-lol:
They also enjoy Grabou Boerewors Tongue

Big ol' piece of boerie on a 6/0 hook, cast it deep and let it sink, just leave it...and hold on Smile

The divers braai after they are done diving. The left over meat they chuck into the water.

However I have caught there off Black Jigs, Lipless cranks and last visit saw a 3,8kg off a Baby Ubershad

A guy I know uses a swimbait, pop's it over a reed branch and let's it just dangle in the water, twitches it every now and the biggun's come out Smile
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