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Inanda this Saturday?

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Norkie Wrote:He clame that both died and he took them home?

Well that?s a huge bummer! I was planning on catching those two on Sunday! Why do these huge fish die so easily? Both my over 3kg fish were really healthy and swam away happily? do big fish suffer more stress or something?
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Rob, it's unfortunate and I'm not sure what tackle Schalk was using, but a lot of the time, guys just fish to light to handle the bigger fish. This just prolongs the fight and overstresses the fish. I'd say that's the most common reason for big fish not making it :-(
I tend to agree with your water temp theory Drew..... :roll:

I think the fish are deeper down in the cooler water where there is also lots of oxygen and they are hooked and hauled to the surface where the water is much warmer and has less oxygen.... Then they are trying to be revived in that warm water..... :?

Maybe some water in your live well with a bit of ice to drop the temp a bit and airation... With pls release me salts to destress the fooshes..... I'm sure Schalk would've done his best to release the fish..... Pity they died... Sad :-( Sad

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drew Wrote:Jeez Norkie, that is some pretty kak news!! I have noticed that fish caught in the lats few weeks don't swim off to well. I'm sure it has something to do with the water temp being so high. Either that or there is something very wrong out there. Schalk is definitely a catch and release fisherman so I know that's not an excuse from his side.... very sad indeed to lose 2 good specimens like that. :?

All mine swam off fine, what about your's Norkie? :roll:
Fishton, I stand corrected, but, didn't you catch yours on an overcast day??? I'm just wondering if my water temp theory holds any water...??? :? :roll: If it was overcast, the water temp near the surface might not have been as hot ....

I know Norkie caught his relatively shallow and kept him in the livewell for quite some time with the foto shoot and dancing girls and cheerleaders and press conference etc etc.... lmao.... but the temp in his live well would've been closer to the temp at which he caught the fish.... Plus his coolerbox is attached to the livewell which would've helped cool the water down.....

What do you think????? 8O :? :roll:

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