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Has anybody here fished Bloedrivier before?

Ive heard there are massive bass in there . Does anybody have any information about who to contact to get access to the launch site on the river and if Vryheid has a bass club?

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never heard of it before but it looks awesome! Hope you come right

Hi Myspot,
I go up that way on business from time to time and have fished a small section of the river at the Utrecht turn-off.There were hundreds of bass,some around the 2kg mark just cruising all over.
If you look closely there is a double story cottage built on an island in the middle of the river.I spoke to the owner and they gave me permission to fish there for the day.The cottage is available to hire and you can only get there on the little pedal type barge they have built.Please do not just fish there because those farmers up there are WILD,and trespassers are often dealt with the old fashioned way.
@Clicker PM me if you want to wet the lines when you come this way again.

Ive contacted a farmer as he is one of my clients but his farm is right next to the other farmers bordering the river.

Its understandable that farmers don't want any unknown people messing about on there land as the general public has a way of leaving a mess where they go and even possibly setting millions of rands of crops on fire, let alone other more hideous crimes that may occur these days.

There is a little spot where the local club launches there boats but I'm not even sure if the club is active anymore. A few years ago my dad did phone the number on the board and the guy was extremely rude and just said we are not allowed to be there. Ive heard they held bass classics there years ago. So maybe one of the more senior bassaholics can assist?

Legally Id say its not trespassing being on the river, as it is "no mans land" but to gain access to it is a bit troublesome. I was hoping that somebody would have contact details for me to arrange access to the river.

Think I will just "plak" an old SA flag on my car window and make sure I have my "vellies" on the day I go to fish there whilst whistling Delarey.

Sometimes just a nice chat with one of the guys explaining where your from and what you want to do will calm there "WILD" side down and they will be very kind. Doubt they will give you trouble if they see your a serious bass angler. If your on the river with a kickboat they will distinguish you from the "dink stealers" parking on the bridge and making a mess of the place.

So its safe to presume that no one has any contact details for me?
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I used to have the number,but have lost it. If you turn left off the main road and then right by the little store,then left again towards the silo's...........there are some houses on the right hand side and mielie lands on the left.I forget which house it is,but one of those houses is where you can book the cottage or get permission to fish.
I will give you a shout when I come up that way again.
organised myself this space for the reportback
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I've eventually got hold of the correct person to get access on the river and decided I will make a Sunday afternoon trip with my kickboat and see what lunkers may be found.

Whilst driving the weather was getting a teeny bit heavy and a few drops fell on the way but cleared up when I reached the river. It was really a hot afternoon that looked very promising for catching a few "Baars"

I eventually reached the river and was surprised how wide the river is at the section where the Island House is situated.

[Image: 2013-01-06-629-(Medium).jpg]

[Image: 2013-01-06-633-(Medium).jpg]

I was on the river for a good 3 hours kicking myself about. Since it was hot I thought Id head towards deeper drop offs. The river has weeds growing in the middel with alot of patches of hydrillia.

Unfortunately the water is stained a weird red and is somewhat murky. Wasn't too sure what colours would work.

[Image: 2013-01-06-635-(Medium).jpg]

[Image: 2013-01-06-630-(Medium).jpg]

Set up my 3 rods; drop shot rod with red trick worm. Weightless with pumkinseed brushhog and carolina rigged a watermelon zman flook that floats back up.

alternated between the 3 rods and eventually put on a spinnerbaits wich I alternated between golden natural brown and a smaller chartreuse spinnerbait.

Tried deep at first next to the drop offs working my way to the shore till I litterally cast into the the thickest of cover on the shallowest parts but didnt even get a bite.

The wind picked up and it blew me around on the river. Was a bit of work kicking into the wind to get back to where I launched.

By sunset the wind settled down a bit and it turned out to be a lovely evening.

[Image: 2013-01-06-637-(Medium).jpg]
[Image: 2013-01-06-636-(Medium).jpg]

Even though I didnt get a bite, I enjoyed the scenery and exploring a new challenging location. Will come back when I have fitted a trolling motor as the wind and current made me have a bit of a work out.
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myspot Wrote:Unfortunately the water is stained a weird red and is somewhat murky.

I would say that river is very aptly named :blue-biggrin:

Looks awesome and thanks for the feed back.

I hope you keep at it just to see what that river holds and another KZN venue for us to fish. Good luck.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Thanks for reporting back to us.
That looks like a awesome river to fish, hope you give it another go.

The water colour looks like Western Cape water. Try darker plastics like junebug and black if you have. I'd also have a jig tied on all the time, pitching it at the reeds and grass.
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I used junebug fluke and junebug senko,weightless.The water was clear when I was there. I think it will settle once all the rain has finished.
Thanks for the report back. Not always easy to write a blanking story.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Good afternoon
Do you perhaps know how the bass fishing was like over the past weekend at Bivane, Natal Div.

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