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Bass Lake

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Having no option but to use my inflatable... I am thinking of going to Bass Lake (Pretoria).
Has anyone been there lately?
How easy is it to fish there from an inflatable?
Its very small..... i dont think you can, maybe....

Zebra lodge is next door, their dam is bigger....

hope it helps

what about bass lake (south of jhb) Someone told me it's about R700 for 2 people to fish there one day? Bit rough considering I'm not sure if I will ever catch a bass!
Hi it is near Henley-on-klip. According to their website it is R100 per day to fish. Plus R100 gate entry fee.

For more info.


Thank you. I had a look. It seems that the R700 that I was told about includes the deposit. I see that they are closed from today through to 2 January.

Think I will arrange for next year.
If you are in JHB, try Murray park.

I drove past there the other day and stopped and saw 2 bass in the shallows.
How did you get in there? I was there about three weeks back. Gate was lock with two security guards at he gate. I asked them to go in to have a look but they refused.
Basslake :R 300 deposit,R100 entry, R100 fishing fee, must book a week I ahead.

Fishing from the bank is only alowed during the week and boats only on weekends.

The deposit and booking is only required if u want to go on the weekend.
peace,love and bassing.
I find that price very steep!!! :blue-rolleyes:
Spud Wrote:I find that price very steep!!! :blue-rolleyes:

[Image: DSC02113.JPG]

this is what bass lake holds

still to steep??? lol
Here fishy, fishy, fishy here fishy.
Andrew please check you images size before posting. Resize to something like takes forever to load on slow internet links or on a cell phone.
Regards Robert Jacobs

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