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Bass Dams near Castleburn Resort

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Hi all
going on holiday to castleburn resort in underberg on the weekend.
Does anyone know if there are any bass dams nearby.
I know there must be lots of trout dams.
I am new to bass fishing and have not been to underberg in a long time.

Warrenx, my brother in law lives in Creighton not far from Underberg and every time we visit them, we fish the farm dams. Most farm dams in the area are stocked with bass and if you ask nicely, most farmers will allow catch and release fishing. In December last year all the dams we fished were heavily infested with weed, but we still managed to catch quite a few bass!1
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Thanks for the info , had a feeling I would have to try farm dams .
I have an old family freind in the area that I have not seen for a long time will speek to him and see if he has any freinds with dams I can fish

A lot of the farm dams have BIG fish in them and you will probably have the dam to yourself
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Off the topic , I used to do alot of paddle ski fishing off umdloti but bass has caught my interest lately , think its to do with the lack off haveing to use real bait and the smelly clean up after the fishing. The question is do people use their paddle skis for bass fishing , I dont want to spend the money on a bass boat now until I know if I will bass fish long term.!!
They sure do! Not sure what town you are in but in Durbs there is Nagle and Shongweni that are perfect for the ski? no power allowed on those dams!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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live in westville , is much caught at shongweni ? Went to nagle two weeks ago and fished off the side , only thing I caught was tick bite fever , not much fun

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