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Leisure Lakes

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Howdy All
Some Info I picked up from another web site Posted by "Boerboel" thought it may help :blue-biggrin:

Leisure Lakes has closed and The Venue Specimen Club has taken over the management of the venue,
The rent was not paid by leisure lakes and the owner closed the venue, an old member had a meeting with the owner and a new lease was signed and rent was paid, The lease will be valid until October 2013,
Unfortunately the new club can not honor leisure lakes membership and all will have to apply for membership again, myself including

Membership will be R1500 per year and it is for Specimen and Bass fishing only

Please send email to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> for application forms and any other queries also go to our facebook page for more information
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Die Bestuur op die oomblik
Ernie Botha(Voorsitter),
FransBecker (Bass) en Legal,
JC Erasmus(Environment),
Jacques van der Merwe Boerboel(Bemarking),
Eduan Mostert Mossie (Raadgewend)
Clifford John Jacob
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Where is this place coyote?
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Guateng I believe
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isit worth wile?
it is between midrand and rantjiesfontein in jhb, i used to fish there when i was staying in jhb, caught many a bass there, the same dam has a cable ski thing in it. some good bass in it and relitivly easy to fish. my zim dollar :blue-biggrin:
Here fishy, fishy, fishy here fishy.
can we fish there or must every one be members?
They Emailed me the Appl Form , 1000Rules but apparently not a lot of Bass . . . . not sure ? ?

It looks like if this Venue is more for the Carp Guys so maybe the Bass will be good ?
Sorry Guys I am only the messenger and am unable to answer any questions about the Dam or the fish it may hold :blue-sad:
Maybe some has fished it in the past and could shed some light on the deal....
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