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Inanda dam newbie tips

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fisherman_baboo Wrote:I kept an eye out for your boat..I wasn't expecting the dam to be that big!

I was at the dam from 7am till 4pm

About 5 hours on the water and not a single fish! :blue-rolleyes:
I'm thinking the fish conspired against me

I didn't think it was possible to be BAD at fishing..

Dont let it get you down it is called a blank and all of us get them from time to time and the first guy that says he never had a blank is a liar not a angler hehehehehehe
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it was exceedingly frustrating..cast after cast
i had lures, worms, spinners, many many colours and types, i figured something was bound to work

by the end of the day, i was ready to sell all my stuff and buy a bike..
actually going to do my learners next week :blue-doubt:

but i guess we all have those days..i just get them more often :blue-lol:

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