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Kick Boat Social Clanwilliam 3rd,4th and 5th of August

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Howzit Guys

Ok so I have started a new thread so it’s more visible, Ok so I guess the winter is getting to most of us and I get very worried when I start blowing dust of my tackle trays and rods and do be honest I’m going a bit mental from the lack of fishing.

As I have mentioned I have booked two small sites for time being at Lebanon for the 3rd,4th and 5th of August, I would like to establish who will be joining us for some Smallmouth action as I think we all need a adrenalin fix rather sooner than later and I need to establish if I need to book another site. We also need to get the cash in as the sites are only 100% confirmed once the full amount is paid it works out to about R50 per person if we fill up a site of 4 people

So far guys that have confirmed are:

Who else will be joining us? Let me know

Catch you on the water

Contact SUE

Lebanon Citrus Holiday Farm

Local Tel: 027-4822508
INT Tel: +27-27-4822508
Local Fax: 027-4821559
INT Fax: +27-27-4821559
Cell(1): 082-4671171 (Sue)
Cell(2): 082-4677377 (Paul)

Rates & Tariffs
Citrus Cottage:
Wooden Cabins:
Camping:From R 650.00 per night

2 sleeper units from R 350.00 per night

4 sleeper units from R 450.00 per night

From R 200.00 per night per site up to 4 people

Extra persons up to 6 max per night, R 50.00

[Image: map.jpg]
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definately keen to join for that. not sure if i will make all the nights. will let you know.
Live in the Moment...
Heres to slapping it together and a good response.. :eusa_clap:
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What is the best route to travel if towing a boat?
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hi Guys

With all due respect that is the weekend prior to the inter-provincials at Clanwilliam dam and the dam has been shut-off for all SABAA affiliated members from 15 July 2012.
All all the provinces will be competing from the Monday the 6th.

I know most of you are not SABAA affiliated, but I think it won't be fair for guys coming all the way from Limpopo to see WCape anglers "pre-fishing".... 'cause this is what they gonna say!?

Do you think you can maybe have your weekend at Bulshoek?


SABAA certainly doesn't have the monopoly on when bass angers who are not members (the majority by a long way) choose to fish. There have been occasions when I have observed SABAA members pulling off before competitors on a Money Trail day at Kwaggas to pre fish for an upcoming regional. Now apparently some members are bleating about a handful of float tubes on Clanwilliam. We have many valued members of BFSA who are also SABAA members and I have no wish to start up a new BFSA vs SABAA battle but this is really pathetic to me, I say go tubers, go and fish and enjoy it.
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
respect for others was all he asked like ian said other province might see it as a late pree fish for wp
I am personally gob smacked at the request and how can it be seen as a pre-fish like we can cover the whole dam on a float tube or a kick boat like there won’t be enough fish to go around and who would pre-fish on a float tube or kick boat anyway whahaha really?? I personally wont share any info with anyone from SABAA as they are all great fisherman and catching fish should not be an issue for them. I will not change my plans nor will any of the other guys. I would actually like to say more but my common sense tells me to hold my tongue.

This is exactly the reason I am not a member of SABAA

And on the respect point I do have respect for others but I would like some respect from them we are a couple of float and kick boaters going away for a fun weekend and if anyone sees that as a threat then I am very sory, but Clan and any other dam belongs to everyone not one group that feels they have GOD status.

We will be fishing that weekend I am a bass fisherman I love the sport and no person will dictate to me when and where I can fish. I don’t care who you are
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I say EVERYONE should pitch on the 4'th of August at Clanwilliam. SABAA can go to .. , well , you know where they can go to. No , even better , they can go to Theewaters ...
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GUYS,CALM DOWN. :blue-biggrin:

It was just a request,an idea.Im sure Ian knew there would be K@k,but he had to.I a'm not a SAABA member,I don't agree with them.Lets not get into www3 again.
Reminds me of when I go surfing, everyone trying to claim..`hey thats my wave!'... bugger it, lets just boodly share them man! :blue-cool:
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Im going to go there and have a good time with some friends and try and catch my new smallmouth pb.
This is also the only weekend that I can go fishing until September so only thing that will stop me from going is the weather.
If the SABAA guys see us and take the time to come and talk to us when we are off the water then I will part with some info.
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But on a serious note...can someone explain the ethics to pre-fishing comps?
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With all due respect. Could SABAA please stop bombarding Clanwilliam during the spawn :blue-exclaim:
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Personally, & it's been raised here a number of times, everybody should stop the bombardment during the spawn. It is afterall SA's premier smallmouth water. Leave politics and egos to the politicians!

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