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bass or plain

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i have just bought a old speed boat and i am bissy fiberglassing it at the moment.
:roll: my question is if i want to bass fish in it is it that necesary to convert it to a bass boat? or will i still get the same resolts in a normal boat?
If you can fish for bass from a float tube you can use any boat whatsoever.
To convert or not will depend on what else you want to do with the boat, if it's strictly bass fishing then sure you can improve the boat drastically to suit you. Otherwise leave the boat as it is and enjoy getting to spots you couldn't before, and that's the biggest advatange of any boat.
BTW I fish from a semi-rigid rubber duck, and I catch enough to be satisfied fishing from it, I have no trolling motor, live well or rod lockers, although I have rod holders. This suits me, so rather ask yourself what suits you
Hi fluke being on the water is defanitly a advantage doesnt matter on what boat u are success on fixing youre boat
Fluke, any boat will be a help in catching fish. I fished from an old speedboat for years and often had better results than the guys on custom bass boats.
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