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Emmarentia dam

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Guys can any one tel me if its okay to fish there, I have heard so many conflicting stories.But I hear the bass are there.......
Any advice would be welcome.
I used to fish there a lot when I lived in JHB. I never had a problem saftey wise, but I don't know how it is now.

I heard that there was a netting incident, but I have seen pictures of some bass that guys have got recently, so they are definitely still in there.

When the conditions are right, I used to get quite a few bass from there, the biggest I ever got form there was 3.2kg.
Thanks J bay..... heading there tomorrow with the hold of my pastor and he is a regular there with his boys
Good luck. If you can, take some flukes, brush hogs, and the like. Mepps spinners were always a winner, you might even end up tangling with one of the MANY barbel, they loved spinners.

I recon some top water frogs early on might do the business too. Target the willows that overhang the water, bass and carp in that dam love willows.
I used to have "tea" there regularly after work during the week ........ there are some nice bass there.

Ive never been stopped from fishing there but I have not been there in a few months.
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evening has anyone been there this time of year ?
Hi , anybody fished Emmarentia lately . . . .?

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