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Bloemveld Dam Vryheid

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About 10km towards Paul Pietersburg from Vryheid you will find Bloemveld dam. Its one of the town’s water sources like Groodtgewacht and Klipfontein which are all very low at the moment. Bloemveld and Groodtgewacht are not big at all and can be compared to a fairly average to large farm dam. Although it’s not a big dam it’s a very popular place for the entire town to go and fish, but mainly carp. You do get your odd bass fisherman walking around, but it is deffinatly not the most popular bass fishing destination.

I recently bought myself an Abu Garcia Bait caster and Rod and I go to Bloemveld to practise with the new set up since it’s just around the corner. I’ve hooked a few small ones in the last week or so but nothing to write home about.

Saturday, after work, after I missed the Stormers game, Grumpy and irritated because of the nonsense of working past 5 on a Saturday, I went down to the dam and threw a spinner bait down the rocky ledge about 5m from some cover, and next moment I felt I hooked into something. I remember saying to myself "@#$ kan jy ni mik nie!" and next moment the "vassit" began to swim with my line. Honestly thought I hooked a baber because this thing just slowly swam with my lure and I could feel this is not a small fish. It didn’t really fight it just pulled heavily in one direction and I had to guide it towards me. No splashing and the fish diving deep, I had no idea what I hooked until I saw it right in front of me. Ive caught my PB. I estimate it at around 2 - 2.5kgs.

[Image: 2012-02-25-196.jpg]

[Image: 2012-02-25-197.jpg]

[Image: 2012-02-11-175-(Large).jpg]
Thanks for the report back Myspot. Congrats on the new BP. :blue-cool:
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
lekker fooshie there dude nice it made you forget all about a rugby game hey.
Nice fish myspot. Thanks for the reportback on congrats on the new PB. We are seeing a lot of new PBs this year. Hope my turn comes soon!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanx guys.

There is a private club dam that we joined in the small town of Utrecht. Only 35 members allowed hence the name Club 35. Very interesting dam, it has a fountain in the middel of the dam that always keeps it at a constant water level. The water is crystal clear.

The problem with that is a entire 50 x 400m dam full of very very thick water grass. So no matter how deep you cast you can only let you lure sink down to aporx 1m max. No boats allowed on it. Very challenging catching in crystal clear water as the bass does see you coming from far away and just dives down the thick cover.

Last weekend I did hook up to a monster of a bass there with a 6" bass coloured fluke. I had a bit of a crows nest with my new Abu and next moment my line pulled and I set the hook. Remeber seeing the water twirl and next thing I saw the head of the bass "spitting" out the fluke. Luckly I had my dad as witness. Bass that size are teritorial so will be going back to that "MENEER".

Late summer is definatly the time for the "MENERE" to bite. Put on the biggest lure you can find and make a lazy/injured retrieve (by that I mean with the lure)

[Image: untitled.JPG]

One my dad hooked one

[Image: 2012-02-19-183-(Small).jpg]
Looks like the perfect spot for my real live dragonfly pattern...
Regards Robert Jacobs
Nice catch Myspot. Congratulations!

Tip: Hold the fish with one hand close to your body and face and take a picture with the cell/camera with the other hand streached out. You can get a pritty reasonable shot like this and more importantly you need not put the fish on the ground. :blue-cool:
[Image: dbfa278d-72d0-4191-8a1b-dfc8df2ce222_zps5101ae66.jpg]
Looks like a great dam ....... bass love grass ;-)
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I tried that Ninja, the fiesty fooshie slipt out of my grip and laded on the rock bank a couple of times, my left hand has couple of roasties from the sandpaperlike teeth and I thought its best not to hurt the poor thing any more so put it on the ground to take the pic. Can we upload videos? Got a nice vid of this Meneer as I released it in the shallows after I had to run to my car to get the mini scale to weigh it.
Yes you can upload videos:

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bassmaster Wrote:PS: To load videos from youtube you must copy the embed link... when you click on share you will see there is a button that says embed. when you click on it it will show you another like that starts with <iframe... copy and past the link and it will work :blue-cool:
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.

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