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Lake Eland

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I'm planning on camping at lake eland this weekend, has anybody fished there lately .i would like to know where and what worked,you know,i want to take crip notes.i will report back on Monday regardless
Was there not too long ago. Caught most fish on a white spinnerbaits and weightless flukes. The main dam has lots of reeds etc and the bass stay fairly shallow. I caught a lot of fish in the small dam below the office. Good luck!
Thanks bblunt any good size ones?
Howdy - Is that the one near Oribi Gorge ?
Is there any other specie to target there as well Barry ?
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yes that's the dam.A mate of mine said they got barbel in the bottom dam as well as tilapia
and scalies, according to the web site. I have never heard of the place but is looks quite lekker.

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Biggest fish just over a kilo. Majority were 500-800 grams
Try out the newly opened 'Foofie" Slide...if you Dare....almost 3 km long. leads from the top of the Hill down towards the dam. :blue-biggrin:
Looks like a nice palce, need to take the missus there for a weekend. :blue-cool:
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