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HELP NEEDED! abu garcia black max II or quantum antix

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Hi All

I'm new to bass fishing but not new to fishing. I've been looking at a decent basic setup but still want it to be quality. I like the abu garcia black max II and the quantum antix reels but not sure between the too as the are almost the same price here but different in the sates. they also seem so different when looking at the specs......on paper the quantum antix should be much better reel for what we pay here compared to the abu garcia. is this the case? Has anyone used these reels and is one far better than the other or one better quality?

want a basic setup than could use generally for any type of fishing...

the help would be much appreciated
Rather go for Shimano reel around..... :blue-biggrin:
"I don't exagerate...I think big!"
I'm with Bergie on this one.....
Agree, get yourself a Shimano. :blue-cool:
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Shimano 200E7
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Shimano the only way, they make hot biking equipment too
Get the Quantum...all the reports I have read says this Quantum punches way beyond it's price range.

Have a look around to see if you cannot find a Quantum PT Tour on special. It is is a brilliant reel about to be phased out so they are going for a steal right now.

But the Shimano fan boys will probably shoot me for making this statement. But look at KVD and see what he uses...
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks for the speedy replies guys andIi will look into the shimano but I still would like to know what you guys think about the abu and the quantum
Who's KVD?????.....some kind of fisherman with no taste???...
"I don't exagerate...I think big!"
Quantum all the way!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Yeah Pay me a Million Dollars a Year and I'll fish with a handline if I Have to!
@Nutt, with a million dollars you can afford more than a hand line. Get a full range of Quantums instead.
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Dont listen humor mans. Quantum? For beginner? With havy spools and tight breake system. Thats humor. "Birds nest" welcome Smile Quantum without deep tuning - deep sorrow.

Buy ABU Garcia Revo series. Dotn crash you dream in start Smile
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Rather go for the abu garcia. Quantum is toilet paper
BM can we please create a new area next to COTM for POTM...or pawpaw of the month :blue-doubt:
Regards Robert Jacobs

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