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River under Harties

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howzat guys i'm going to fish the river that flows from harties this coming sunday. i think the place is called mount amanzi. does anyone know if there's bass? i also heard a rumor that there's some yellows in there as well.
tips for fishing that river would be grand.
shaaaaaaaap :all_coholic:
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Hey boet... whats up..

I have fished that section... right up to the waterfalls after the wall..

Looked go but didnt get any fish. thier is small scale yellow fish which are apparently very difficult to take on fly.. i didnt even get a nibble.. tried for bass but no luck.. rather fish the main dam.. plus its dodgy and lotsa taxis pulling in to have parties ect
i hear ya but the boys have already booked the spot so i'll have to make the best of a k@k situation then. there should be some heavy barbel.
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There are some huge barbel... walk up the rock face towards the wall and look down into the pools... huge buggers..

ive fished there on caught a few bass :-(
so then yellows will be my target :twisted:
been a while since i caught one of those
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And how did it go Lazy?
shyte....i could see schools of kurper +-40 strong swimming around but they wouldn't take the mepps or the worms bro. big barbel but i saw they only get stuck on spears as one of the "local" fisherman showed us.
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Ok. Rietvlei was also a waste of time. All I got was badly sun burned
I have fished ther in the past Lazy-Ike, and caught some nice kurper, barbel and a few muddies. The pool above the wier is a good spot.
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