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Arabie Dam

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Hi guys and girls,

I'm heading off to Arabie dam tomorrow morning. Does anyone know what the water clarity is like at the moment? I remember last year when we went end of September the dam had turned and only the river was fishable.

I want to fish the other areas of the dam as well and this is not very productive when the dam is dirty.

On Monday/Tuesday I'm off to Rhenosterkop for a day or 2 and then off to Mokolo. Anyone keen?
Hi Dries, ek sukkel om PM's te stuur, kry heeltyd 'n error. :blue-evil:
My nommer is 083 417 5884. Hoop jy lees hierdie...
Howzit. Enjoy arabie boet. dink dit gaan goed wees.
One fish can change it all.....
Ok fishing was crap, got 12, best was a 1.6 the dam has turned so only the river is fishable. Got most on watermelon and black flukes pitching into the trees on the channel drop.

Went to Rhenosterkop yesterday and got 33. Best was 1.4. Its strange the amount of small fish around. Last year we got plenty of big fish this time of the year. The wind was hectic, had waves breaking onto the front deck!!

Going to fish Roodekopjes tomorrow then off to Mokolo. Anyone keen? I'll be fishing all alone on both trips.
How do you manage to fit work in amongst all your fishing ?? lol Lucky Fish
Good morning all!

I didn't want to start a new thread unnecessarily, so apologies if I might "hi-jack" this one. :question:

So we managed to make 6th position on the Cast 4 Cash Gauteng division and now its time for Arabie for the Champion of Champions. Oh boy! :eusa_doh:

I am aware by this stage most are tight lipped and ready to unleash their "A game" coming 27/28 October, but I was hoping someone might share some info on the dam?
(Mad fin, August etc. comes to mind.. :twisted: :eusa_whistle: )

I have not been on the dam before, like most dams this season this would be the first time I would fish it. We managed to figure out most dams so far, but they weren't nearly as big as Arabie! :eusa_shifty:

I guess by then it would be post spawn time. Through research I see it can be a tough dam at times and was wondering if anyone had some pointers on where the better spots for this time of the year would be as well as what baits got you success etc.

I am fishing it this weekend and any help that might save me some time on this big stretch of water would be highly appreciated! I see on Google earth from the wall to the furthest point south in the river is +- 18km!! :blue-shock: :blue-rolleyes:

Last thing, is there a place close by to fill up the Yammie with petties or should I take the odd Jerry can with?

Thank you for posting and tight lines for the weekend! :eusa_angel:


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