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Olifants Rivier (Limpopo)

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Early morning in the Olifants is allways something special. The river is not like the Vaal River, it is much smaller and is actually divided into a series of pools. The pool start with shallow fast running water with some rocks, followed with a drop off a with a sandy bottom. The river is not too deep. We mostly fish, using small craft and electric motors, but I do a lot of bank fishing.

This morning My son Christiaan and I did some bank fishing. I starded the day with a drop shot, which was taken by a barbel. Not the result that I wanted. A swirl on the surface made me change to a top water rig. I used a dying flutter and my son used the skitter walk. It was not long before the skitter walk was taken. My son missed it :blue-evil: and used some language I didn`t expect. The next round he was prepared and landed a nice 1.06kg bass, much to his delight. Soon after I also landed one of 900g. There after they went off the bite. The little on became hungry and we left and arrived at home at 08h30. Not to bad. :blue-smile:

[Image: tissues-001.jpg]
Nice report Tyson!

Cant wait to fish with my little one. :blue-neutral:
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Thanks for the report back. We are all keen to see more river bass!

You can copy the text in the embed code and the picture if you want and then it will be shown in the forum as part of your report.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Well done Tyson. The Olifants is a well kept secret and has some lekka bass in it :blue-biggrin:
One fish can change it all.....
Today I don`t have to go to the office. So it will be my son Tredoux`s turn to get up before first light with me to see what mood the river is in.

Ariving at the river, my son Tredoux started immidiately with a chuk bug, while I was busy loading my rod. What a start! The first cast was taken by a good sized bass. Which I had to lip (to make sure it didnt get away). A nice fish of 1.78kg`s. And I was not even done loading my rod! Second cast! Fish on! This time it was one of 1.84 kg`s. At last I got to start fishing.Tredoux`s day was not done yet and he landed another nice one of 1.6kg`s. He could not believe his luck. Five casts three fish. Well the chuck bug once again prooved to be the champ of the early morning.(Were home at 08:00)

[Image: early-worm-1-(3).jpg]

[Image: early-worm-1.jpg]
Awesome days fishing, It wouldn't be called fishing if we caught everytime. It would be called catching. Great success seeing the pressure systems and the daylight hours were not that condusive to catching.
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Eish I am just glad you son is not competing against us in the BFSA Money Trail comps here in the Western Cape. We would not stand a chance.

My 10 year old daugther is a bit like that. We "leave" them home for comps except if we need good partners :blue-biggrin:
Regards Robert Jacobs

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