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Bass boat ideas

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[Image: Bombasstic-Boats.jpg]

This old girl will become a "plug" from which I'm going to pull a mould (deck and hull) for a functional, good looking, middle cost bass boat.
If anyone out there has any ideas :blue-idea: that will inprove the functionality and practicality of existing bass boats - please pass your ideas on. Be it for comfort, stability, packing space, whatever.
One of the things I'll be looking at :blue-question: is the practicality of a bit of a lip around the back of the deck to stop "back wash" from sudden stopping or reversing in choppy water.

I suggest you chat to Plasticman and Shannon as they our current boat building and boat revamping gurus.
Regards Robert Jacobs
The first question I would ask would be if the company that originally designed that boat is still in business, if they are you have to have permission to copy their work which I doubt you will get. It is illegal to plug another manufacturers hull.

No matter how well you plug that hull it will always be an old style hull and will never be more than a low cost boat. A customer of mine bought one of those last week with a 60hp Yamaha and a really good trailer for R15k and the boats in pretty good condition. It's going to cost you far, far more than that just to tool up for the job.
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Hi Shannon
I've been (or was until I sold my business and retired) in the fibre glass game for the last 30 years so I'm well aware of the costs involved, as well as the legalities involved when it comes to design patents etc. If one buys an old house, demolishes it and then builds a new modern house on the foundations??? I've got no intention of ending up with a boat that looks anything like the original anyhow. Deck or hull design.
I don't recall mentioning anything about starting a business, so your statement that it will never be anything more than a "low cost" boat is noted... When you get to my age you will realise that not everything is always done for a profit, sometimes one tackles a project just because you can, and enjoy it.
so guy's im looking for input with a decent design and I would appreciate any "positive" suggestions.Thanks.
PS I apologise for not buying the Sonar from you.
Hi Bombasstic...would it not be more practical to mould the gunwale,remove the topdeck of this boat and fit your new topdeck on...that means you can fit the hatch boxes,rod lockers etc under the new deck and make it look quite neat.I have seen this type of boat with a 60HP Bigfoot Merc...went very well.As you may well know,you have to think out all little items such as drainage from top deck to channel in the hull,keeping stowage boxes dry,wiring tubes that run from back to front,compartments for batteries and fuel tanks,floatation,rod storage...length of boxes,consol layout to house all the guages...and Bass Boys love guages,sonar mounting,clearance for steering ,clearance for trimming of motor without damaging cables...and cup holders...where to store that beer.A seriously intricate project,but when its done...great feeling !
Thanks Smurf
I'll throw it all into the mixing pot.

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