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Corsa 1.7 launch

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To those who offered advice and encouragement with regard to me launching and retrieving my St Lucia with my Corsa bakkie :eusa_clap: Thanks. I put the boat in at TWK today. Stok siel aleen. No problem - except that I had to keep the motor running to keep the water out of my exhaust. I will slove this by making up an extention to fit on my tow bar. Once again thanks.
Glad you came right boet. My only question is... What did you catch??!!! :blue-smile:
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
What did I catch? - I know it's a crime to go out on the water without a rod etc. but it was all about testing the bakkie, the boat, the motor . . . and myself. I wanted to see if I could do solo. As things go - something packed up with the trim/tilt so I had a hell of a time towing the boat out of TWK over all the dips and bumps. Luckily I found someone to help me lift the motor manually.
Quote:Bassdebating can be fun but I'd rather go fishing :eusa_silenced:
I also had some problems on my trim and tilt relay when I first got my boat.

Please don't buy a new one. I found out that the trim and tilt relays can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new one (if your problem is trim and tilt relay related).

Contact me if you need any details on who can repair it for you.
Regards Robert Jacobs
I took the boat to Steyn's Outboard in Villiersdorp and he found that the trim motor had burned out due to the fact that it was full of oil. I ended up getting a 2nd hand trim/tilt unit fitted for R4500. Good or bad deal I don't quite know but I was told that it would cost too much to rebuild the old one.

What must be, must be - but a man needs to fish.
I am just glad you are back on the water. :blue-cool:

I took me about 6-8 weeks between getting the boat and getting on the water for my first fishing trip. :blue-sad:

Like you say. A man needs to fish :blue-biggrin:
Regards Robert Jacobs

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