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Snakehead Fish

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I was reading the posts about transporting fish and how one needs a licence to do it etc.

I have seen some articles about invasive fish species and found this the most worrying.

The snake head fish from Asia has made an appearance in the states and has caused some panic over the years. I have seen these Snake head fish in our local aquarium stores, here in Cape town. It just takes one moron to throw there unwanted pet into a waterway to create massive problems that cannot be fixed. think of voelvlei and barbel but much much worse! Nature has a very fine balance that is easily tipped! See the link below for a video and more info.
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Found this on a US forum:

"We catch them regularly in S. Florida. They are an aggressive fighter. They will slam a topwater like no other fish I have caught. We have destroyed hundreds in a lake where bass can no longer be found. We made a goofy video about one outing..."

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Life is to short, live it, fish it, play it!
Ye the snakehead is a whole other story tho its like the freshwater great white shark
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Did you see them in petshops?
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I used to own a petshop and we specialised in Fish, in particular Reef applictions but also had a good fresh water following. Snakeheads are illegal in SA but in my time I had the petshop I met a guy who had snakeheads and im sure he isnt the only one. They are a very real threat if released into a system as the US case proves.

South Africans enjoy throwing fish into rivers. Apparently one river system in Natal (I forget which) has a very healthy population of plecostamus (small plant eating catfish).

Do you know what kind of snakehead you saw in the pet shop?
The snakehead found in America is the Northern Snakehead. Like all other snakehead species it's really aggressive. There are about 30 different species, but some of them only grow up to about 15cm max. Then you also get the mother of all snakeheads, THE TOMAN or Giant snakehead, which can grow up to 30kgs.

I spend all my free time fishing for toman and haruan (striped snakehead), awesome fun, but they are definately not invasive species that we want in our local system. They destroy everything and most of the time they will just bite fish in half and leave to rest to rot.
I can't remember what sort of snakehead it was. I keep tropical fish (fish mad) so I am in the aquirium shops all the time its a possibiliy it wasn't a snakehead fish but there are plenty other catfish like fish for sale that would ruin a good river ecosystem.
Life is to short, live it, fish it, play it!
Capiez Wrote:I spend all my free time fishing for toman and haruan (striped snakehead), awesome fun

Is that a Snakehead in your avatar, looks like a massive fish.
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@ Jeremy

Yes, it's a Giant Snakehead. That one was just under 4kgs. Managed to land one over 6kgs on Sunday. Really aggressive fish. Awesome fun on top water lures.

Don't get bass here, except in stocked ponds. They farm bass here, but will net them when they're around 500/600grams. :blue-mad:
So have to stick to snakehead fishing until i get home in November....

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