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Tzaanen dam

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Hi everyone

I am planning a trip up to Tzaanen dam, can anyone tell me how the bass fishing is up there? and if they have any tips on what works well?
Never been there but looking forward to getting out of jhb for a while. 4 days of hopefully great fishing Big Grin
Hi Darryl

I've never fished Tzaneen before either, but from what I've heard, there are some big fish there, but the fishing can be very tough. The dam is only about half full at the moment, that's something to keep in mind.

I think my recommendation would be to drive down to Albert Falls instead. There's not that much difference in distance, and Albert falls is awesome even in bad conditions! Plus, theres a whole legion of KZN people on this site who can give you tips on Albert falls!
there are some leka bass in tzaneen. i've caught some if you go to the left away from the wall. spinners work realy good blue and black, white and baby bass colors are a good choice for tzaneen
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Thanks for the advice, i have already booked so we will give it a shot anyway.
i will let you know how we do!

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