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All Bergie's curses paid off and my float tube sprung a leak on a very awkward spot where the nozzel connects to the tube (on the bend). So sealing it with a patch will not be easy. :blue-evil: We did a bit of a temporary diy with superglue Sunday morning.

I was thinking of rather just getting a new pontoon if the cost is not to bad, but can't find any contact detail for Explorer on the net. Does anyone know how to get hold of them, or maybe ideas on fixing this thing on a more permanent basis?
Inflatable boat manufacturers have patch kits for running repairs, with the correct glue and "hardner' used for "setting" the glue. Not sure if this will work on your float tube though
Bostik soft plastic glue for all pvc and soft plastics. I use it on my intex mariner 4, air mattress's and believe it or not it works on soft plastic baits as well, hell of a lot cheaper than mend it but not quite as good.

TO fix the puncture sand the patch and puncture area very well and let the glue dry like contact adhesive and then apply. put some Glue around the edges of the patch and then put as much weight on the patch as possible. Wait till dry!

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Thanks guys :blue-cool: You sound just an instruction booklet Ian :blue-biggrin:

Don't think I'll be able to add a patch where the tear is, it forms almost a 90 degree corner. Will give the soft plastic glue a bash and see how it holds. If it works on your inflatable matress (and you put pressure on the mended piece by lying on it), it should work for the tube. :blue-cool:
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these guys might be able to help you if the glueing doesnt work.
as far as i know they built the boats on site.
a friend of mine bought a rubber duck from them and they were very accommodating even post sale of the duck.
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