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Tips on Chikumba dam

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hi peoples of the fish chikumba who has fished it and what is it like i am going to fish it in september i will fish that comp 4th and 5th i think it is. but have never been there any advice would be good thanks tom
The Chikumba dam is pretty close to your place in Zim...and dont swim in the dam as I believe there's Croc's in there......and not the kind you wear....any other info you would like please call me..... :blue-biggrin: :blue-lol:
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when you get a bite, strike & hang on for dear will catch your PB there in sept... the swomp donkeys are gona come out to play... have fun Smile will get you some info on that dam & put it up asap...
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Hiya Tom, I used to water ski there as a kid, you don't think about stuff like crocodiles when you are 14 years old :blue-biggrin:

It's a bit like a smaller version of Kariba as far as I recall, loads of standing timber and chicamba weed in the bays and shallows, very clear water. What I know about it I've put up on Gobassing: <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... e-Chicamba</a><!-- w -->

The "other" bass fishing website has some fairly informative posts on the dam, definitely worth a look.
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From what Ive read you gonna need to upgrade to 17 to 20 lb line !!
mmm,Chicamba.... my home waters until recently! You are certainly going to enjoy! Dont fish less than 17lb line. It is a very large piece of water, 16km from Casa Msika to the dam wall with the dam splitting into 4 main fingers, the longest being the Zonue river, stretching about 30km from the wall, so take lots of fuel! The islands north of the wall and the rocky points around there used to produce a lot of good fish but in Sept, I would target the top end of the Zonue, there are plenty good areas there during the spawn. The accommodation at Casa Msika is basic but comfortable and the restaurant is not bad, they do a good moz chicken and the beer is cold!
Another good area is the leg going south from the wall, there are a lot of granite kopjies and interesting bays if the water is high enough. ( They tend to let a lot of water out for power generation at this time unfortunately.)
thank rooster i hope to fish it 2 nd 3 rd 4th sep in the 2010 virginia msika challenge what is their main food in that dam is it verry timbered up like muteri reg tom
Hi Tom, it is well timbered in some areas, but not as dense as Mteri. It is such a large piece of water that it has almost any type of structure you can think of. There are plenty baitfish so you will do well on a variety of lures. Most popular are fluke and other plastics. Cranks are good as well as spinnerbait. Good luck!

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