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Dam Levels

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Department of Water Affairs has a new upgraded site where you can check water levels of dams in South Africa.

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I see Clanwilliam is coming up nicely - will probably be quite full during the winter classic at the end of July.
Regards Robert Jacobs
80% at present boet....and COLD.... :blue-biggrin:
"I don't exagerate...I think big!"
And with more rain on the way next week the dams are looking good :blue-biggrin:
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Went past there today, the board says 81%, but it looks fairly clear. Bulshoek is VERY dirty though and @#$%^&* COLD.
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
Sounds like we should be using very dark lures at Bulshoek at the moment
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks PDV. Dam levels DO affect fishing. ie last year Driekoppies was 75% full and some "submerged 'structure visible. Now its 99.9%
This year it is covered and unless you took weighpoints you will battle to find same :blue-confused:

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