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Hints for Malangani?

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Hi all!
I haven't been able to check out Emerentia yet - kids are sick! but i've been invited by two budies to fish Malangani in Zim. Big Grin We've got the week of 4-9 Sept. Full moon is on 7 Sept so we're hoping for some action! I was looking for any tips and wondering if anyone knows where I can get a topo map?
Thanks a stack for a fantastic site BM :!:
isnt fishing on the full moon bad???
How can fishing be bad :?
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Fishing on the new moon is aparently the best with full moon second. Beauty of full moon is you get more night action! I got a couple of rat-l-traps today - haven't ever tried them. Also got some Berkly trilene XL 17lb for my baitcaster - I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to trying them out!!
Where abouts in Zim is this dam. I spoke to my boat buddy who used to fish for Zim and he has never heard of it.
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Malangani is one of the irigation dams for John Sharp on his conservancy. The turn off is about 80 km north of the Lion and Elephant. I think it is on the Boobie river - if not on then its close! Check out :wink:
Any airports close by. I hate driving that road and the border post is just a joke (not so funny when your there).
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Ya, they have a landing strip on the ranch, otherwise Bulawayo's probably the closest. I know what you mean with the boarder, but i guess its a small price for 5 days of heaven!!!
Last time we went up we were actually pushed of the road when overtaking a truck. Would have lost it if I had a boat on the back. Cant wait to get back, best bream fishing going but next time fly in and fly out.
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Yep... the bream fishing can be frantic! Last year three of us went up to Nottingham and Peter caught a 1.3 kg bream on a brushHawg - we usually do catch-and-release, but that bream tasted unbelievable!
The Zim winters are quite mild so the winter fishing is normally good. Don't forget the bream on an inline spinner
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Yea! Great Idea Robdog - those Terminator titanium inline's look great in the Online store ... any one tried them?
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I might be going to Malangani some time in September too. I'm going with guys who know the place very well. Not sure about the date yet, but I'll find out later in the week.
Two mates and I had a GREAT time at Malangani between 4 and 8 Sept! We caught stax of small fish arround 500g and I was stupid not taking my fly rod! We caught three or 4 1kg fish in the moonlight from the bank coz the water level was really low, and we had a great time watching for males still on nests.

The water was crystal-clear so I was glad for 10lb floro and smaller rigs. We caught on almost every lure, but flukes and dingers came out tops. I was lucky enough to take the bigest fish of the trip: a 2.5 kg female on a Zara - loads of adrenaline! :lol: The pic is in the galary.

One of the things that I don't think any one will understand unless they've been there is the atmosphere around the braai and sundowners. Good mates, in the middle of the African bush, your skin tingles from the sun, when you close your eyes you still see the ripples on the water, there's a smile on your dial, and the sun's comming up to another day on the water tomorrow....
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interesting news schollie!!
I'm leaving for Malangani the day after tomorrow!!
I'm a bit disappointed about the size of the fish you guys caught. I NEED to get a 3kg fish on this trip!!!!
But, more than a month has passed, and things could be way different. I'm really looking forward to the trip.

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