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Rhenosterkop Dam

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Has anyone fished this dam before ?
Fished it 3 times end of last year.

1st time got only 3 fish it was a terribly cold day with the wind howling and we struggled to keep our balance on the boat...

2nd time got around 30 fish between 3 guys all between 800g- 1kg

3rd time was one of those days you just dream about between 3 guys we caught around 80- 90 fish between 800- 1.5 kg and 10 barbel.

I hear however that it has been fished a lot lately and is not producing that well at the moment.
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Fished it plenty times, best 3 were all 2.45-2.52kg. Best day we got around 90 between 3 guys with 80% of them on topwater!

The last time we got 17, got fish at every single spot we tried. Spinnerbait was the main weapon, with flukes a close 2nd. Bag of about 6.8kg.

The fish are everywhere, it's just that the big fish are really few and far between.

Oh, and take plenty of fuel as the dam is HUGE!!
Where is this dam located guys...sounds lik it is worth a gooi...
It's about 40km north-east of Rusties. One tip: take a push pole! The dam is full of thick weeds, much more than Rusties.
Assume this is only suited to fishing from a boat? Or are there large areas that can be fished from bank ...
No it is not really a bank fishing venue.
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We are fishing Limpopo BETT tomorow and I am sure some of the info will help thanks ?

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