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Where to find bass

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I can only mostly fish in daylight hours. Usually in lunchtime from 12 to 1 or 1 to 2.
Where would the bass be hiding then ? In deeper water since the sun is so bright, most probably.

Should I use a sinking line ? Or a floater with a longish leader ?

What flies to use the ?

I "tied" myself a fly yesterday, A San Juan worm, but way bigger that the normal ones that is stocked at my Local fly shop. About 6 cm long with a red glass bead in the midlle.
Would that be good to try with.

I also have Wooly Buggers, orange, black and brown.

Also have a Shad fly, Quite a big bugger, with eyes and looks almos like a shoelace for the body, with other hair.

How fast should the retrieve be ?

I also want to try a small popper on a sinking line. Will that work ?
The line does take the popper down.

Any help would be appreciated.

Personally, I use intermediate line, this way you can determine your own depth. The flies you are mentioning should also work fine. What weight line and rod do you fish with?
I use a #7 for the line weight and a 8 ft medium action pole

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