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The holidays

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Just would like to know if any BFSA guys are going away on a fishing trip this holiday period?

I am thinking getting away for a few days Camping \ or chalet, Dep on cost of course. Would anyone mind if Carla and I tag along? We take up little room and can pay our share of the costs. Would love to got Clan or Bulshoek.

Thinking of going between the 1st and the 10th of Jan But I am on leave from the 18th DEC and am flexible in taht regard. Please let me know ASAP So that I can arrange things.
Life is to short, live it, fish it, play it!
Any suggestions would also be helpful.
Life is to short, live it, fish it, play it!
I know it is a gazillion miles away for you but we going to Jozini for Tiger fishing from 16 - 20 Dec. Then it is back for some bass fishing for the rest of December right through to 11 January at Inanda, Albert Falls, Nagle, Hazel and even the farm dam. :blue-cool:
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ill be heading for Ponta in mozam at 1am wedn morn for a week!!! with friends... maybe we'll atempt sea fishing on a jetskii, but that didnt work so leka last year...haha

all the best to everyone traveling to their holiday destinations... & all the best to the rest

chat to you in a week...
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I wanted to go to clan, but my wife said yes to a wedding the 2nd Jan?WTF
I think its to late to get accomadation at clan or anyware?
I know Lebanon is fully booked.I wil probably go to kwaggas and clan for day trips only.
Clan is very hot!!!!! carefull!
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Sorry man,
Heading up country to JHB on the 27th December and will be back on the 6th of January to do some bass and yellow fish fishing.
But on the up side I hear the schools are going back early this next year something like the 11th January because of the extended holiday when the soccer world cup is on, so the holiday spots should empty out enough for you to find a quick get away.
You could always spend the week pre-fishing kwaggas before the MT in Jan :blue-cool:
Too bad Plaasie! We would have joined you at Clan. Think we will also do day trips to kwaggas and theewaters.
Life is to short, live it, fish it, play it!
Well I managed to book a spot at Kwaggas for the 3rd and 4th of Jan and then at theewaters (with Elec) for the 5th and 6th Jan. If any BFSA guy's wanna join Carla and I on the Sites you are welcome, just pay your share of the campsite fee etc. Call me b4 hand on 083 2311850 or Calra on 082 2311850 to see if there is space etc.

Have an awsome X mas guys and tight lines to all. IAn Out. :blue-biggrin:
Life is to short, live it, fish it, play it!

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