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Dam weed

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Good day Bassers,

I am calling on the vast resource of knowledge out there to resolve a long standing problem I?ve had with one of my dams. We operate a small lodge (advertised on this site: Ntibane Bushveld Hideaway) and have several farm dams that stocked with Florida strain Bass as well as Mozambique Tilapia. One of the dams has developed an infestation of an unidentified aquatic plant that has taken root in the shallow parts of the dam at 0-4ft of water. Whilst the bass seem to be thriving in its cover, it does make fishing from the side difficult. The weed anchors to dam floor is fairly brittle and breaks off easily if one tries to pull it out or ones lures gets snagged. We have tried to drag a cable over it but the cable always rides up and over without having much result. We have had a guy from the chemical manufacturers that make ?Midstream? come out and take a look and we tried this product on the weed but it had little or no effect ? we suspect that the layer of slime/silt on the leaves prevents the product from penetrating and taking effect. ?Midstream? by the way has proven to be by far the most effective way of controlling bulrushes / reeds on our dams.
The only way that we can currently slow the expansion of the weed beds is to manually pull the things out with a rope and grappling hook but is always re-grows.
If you go to the gallery (other species/General) you will see two photo?s of the weed that I have uploaded.
If anyone out there knows this weed and/or how to control it, I would very much like to hear from you.
Here are the pics guys...

[Image: normal_plant.jpg]

[Image: Leaves.jpg]
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
That weed looks like great cover for bass. Is it really over running the dam? Most dams in Natal could use a bit of weed like that for cover. Does it die off over winter?
Dont know what it is but i have seen it in Craigieburn dam in the natal midlands..

If left uncontrolled it gets out of hand.. Cragies side used to be covered about 5m from the bank.. was no fishing without a boat...

When the dam dried up a bit it died off.. but is slowly coming back..but atleast its controlled.. can you empty you dam slightly for a few months?
Howzit millpond, I am no flora expert, but I have heard that a lot of the zim dams are controlled by adding cooper sulphate to the water. I dont know what doses and what impact it would have on the rest of the flora in the dam. Last thing you want is to destroy or flora life in the dam/pond.

I think identifying the plant would be the first step, then reserch it and find it's natual weaknesses. i will ask around, but cant promise anything.
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It is great cover for bass but it gets out of hand. I would like to knock it back to controllable proportions and free up some bank angling space but as I say it is actually uncontrollable at the moment. I put some grass carp in a couple of years back to eat the plant but it turns out that they don't like it! Drew has given me the name of a horticulturist who knows his aquatic plants so fingers crossed maybe he can help me.
Hi I have passed this onto a friend of mine. he used to be the president of Zim Fisheries. He needs to know what plant it is and size of dam, then I can give you his number and will advise you on what to do.
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That looks a lot like the weed in Rust de Winter
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i put copper sulfate in a pond once it killed all the fish and plants 8O 8O
i dont think that is such a good idea bro
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copper sulfate is mostly used to kill algae or snails in small ponds.. harmfull to scaleless fish like most catfish aswell as to most frogs...

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