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Goedertrouw this WE

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Goedertrouw this weekend

Good morning everybody.

We are fishing Goedertrouw on Saturday and Sunday. I was just wondering if anybody are planning to go there this weekend?

Tight Lines
take your rain coat with looks like you gonna get drenched this weekend!

It should be on fire on Saturday morning as the barometer will be falling fast. As Frogstar said it's probably will be pissing down. Hope the springboks can cope with Newzealand weather.

I'm going to take a half day and hit Inanda this afternoon but barometer is just climbing and probably won't start falling untill just before the cold front hits tomorrow.

Good luck for Goedetrouw, if you followed Lionels reports you won't forget your red eye shad, have fun.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
mmmmm and you are going to face a cold front
Yip Redeye Shads all packed and of course lots of Green Pumpkin Super Flukes, and a bunch of creature baits!!!!!!!!

Pitching creatures around the rocks are always a good bet.

Rain? What a pleasure

Best time to fish Goedies......................................when the weather is k%$# :blue-badgrin:
Believe me they will be sitting tight to structure and I dont think lipless will get them to move.
The lure will need to stay in the strike zone for a while, so I would select a style for that.
CrankbaitCarl Wrote:Believe me they will be sitting tight to structure.

What makes you say that CBC, is it the time of year, the approaching cold front or just the finicky Florida's in pre-spawn mode.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Jeremy I fished that dam a lot, long before it was 'newly' discovered.
Those Florida's eggs are still small and they are not yet in pre-spawn mode, that normally starts a bit later.Northern strain in other parts of Natal will act a bit different and should be on the bite, weather permitting.
Also I see the low press system has already moved in over Natal.
They will use as little as possible energy to feed , but are not shy to suck in a lure when it gets close.
The bite will also be very subtle.
And? How did it go? :blue-question:
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Volt where is the report back?
Well it went ok, We got a few fish between the two of us, no piggies though. They wanted it dead still at first but towards mid after noon the red eye did the trick. Got most of them on flukes. It was ok to launch but a bit of a ballache getting out, the dam is super low.
Hi Volt as long as you enjoyed it.
Looks like my prediction about the bite being subtle was correct.
It sounds normal that they would be going for reaction bites as the day wears on.
I think now is the time to get the big ones , slash baits and flukes on the jerk should do the trick.

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