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Klaserie dam

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Need some help on klaserie dam near hoedspruit.

Has anyone been to this dam ? Can you fish from the side as I wont be taking boat this holidays.

Dig deep need help!!

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Theres only carp,barbel, makriel and kurper.You can fish from the side and you can take a boat. There is lectric stands, but take your own light. Carp fishing is awesome there. There is no bass,havent even heard rumors of bass. Ive taken a 13.5kg karp from there, also many baber above 5kg. If you are looking for a lekka papgooi weekend thats your place, if looking for bass, rather go to Nyaka or fanies.

The directions I give under correction(havent been there for four years)
If you drive from hoedspruit to bushbuck ridge you get a turn of left that says klaserie(not the geurnsey turnoff), take that turn of...about 5 to 10km later there is a dirt road turn of to the right. Follow it and you will get to the dam.
It does cost a bit. Camping with lectric for 2 nights was easily offer R200, might be different now.

PS-Check the hippo when you go to the loo at night,had a not so nice experience with one doing some grazing there.
One fish can change it all.....
There is bass in that dam. I dont think it is a awesome bass dam, I also dont think you will be able to get your new PB, but they are there. Like August said, Mainly Papgooi! You can browse their site , there are some pics of people that landed some bass. <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> . However you will need a boat to maximise your chances and get to the all the points and hiding spots.

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