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Bass Dams Swadini?

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Bass dams near swadini ?


Going to Swadini soon are there any bass dams that have bass and can a person fish from the side? Not able to take boat as we taking the caravan!!!

I see a dam near Swadini resort on google how is it?

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The dam is called Blydepoort dam
Its got awesome smallmouth. But you are gonna have a hard time getting permission to fish there. They do give but I dont know where to as.
Nyaka is close(60km) by...Need a boat, but you mos have a splash.
One fish can change it all.....
We camped at swadidni about three years ago and was told no fishing allowed when trying to get info on fishing the blydedam, it is not a small dam and think it might be very difficult fishing from the bank and the dam also have crocs and hippos. It looked like an awesome dam and I would like to fish it from a boat !

Other People camping at swadini did fish the river section flowing through the caravan park for bass, but never caught anything, I also tried to get info on other dams in the area and was told that klaseri dam is not too far away but is mainly a carp fishing paradise (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->)
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