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Hazelmere Dam

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Hello all.

Right, after the Spring madness has quietened down, I'm making it my mission to fish new venues as well as those that I've fished very few times.

I have never fished Hazelmere but know there are fish there. A colleague used to get a lot of small fish from the shore, but he hasn't been in a while. Do anyone of you you in KZN fish there often? If so, what's the deal, good fishing, bad fishing?
I'd appreciate some feedback.

Another dam I want to return to is Wagendrift. We had a banger day there 2 years ago in a practice fish for a cast for cash. Caught lots of decent fish and a nice one of 1,8kgs. Then comes the comp and we were fishing in chocolate soup. We won that comp with 2 fish ! It was one of the worst days ever, but we learnt not to go after the rains. I still reckon you can have great fishing there. Anyone out there spent a lot of time on Wagendrift? If so, what's the bait of choice?
Haven't been to Hazelmere for about a million years... sailed my dabchick there once... but my home dam was Dudley Pringle in Tongaat... there must be bass there!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Aish..... ahven't been there for aaaaaaaages!!! And have never fished it.... last time I was there was for waterskiing!!!!

Drew, as your new ambition is trying new dams.... when we doing Mnini???

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Drew, Funny I should see your post on Hazelmere since I was just thinking about giving it a go myself. Let's hit it in November sometime and test the waters
Hey Millpond !!

How are you bud. Yeah, November is good for me. Fab, we can hit Mnini maybe on the 28th or 29th. Or in November as well, after the KZN meeting at Alberts and Inanda.
I'm with you guys.... just need to plan it nicely and tread lightly round the missus!!!!

:roll: :? :wink:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
hi guys, i heard of a dam near balito, do you guys know about it,and have you fished it :?:
Hi Oli,

I think it was pomerob who mentioned a Ballito dam a while back.... From what I recall..... nobody had fished it and don't think anyone of us know whee it is.....

Maybe you can get details and shed some light on this?!?!?!?

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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