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Drakensberg spots

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I am heading to the drakensberg on the weekend, does anybody know of bass fishing spots in the Bergville area ?

I had a look on Google Earth and saw two dams, the one spioenkop and the other woodstock dam. Has anybody fished there before or any other dams in the area ?
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hey im defn not an expert...but heard woodstock is anexcelent dam to fish and a dam near by thats good swel is sterkfontein...

good luck...

ps. i could try find some info on the dams for you..but i bet the boys on bfsa will sort you out very quick...
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Thanks Marjorie !

The info is already very helpfull. At least I know where to start looking for mr bucketmouth.
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Sterkies is legend!!!!!!!!!! But not so much for bass...there is,some people have more luck than others,I was not one of those. But the yellows are excellent!!!!!! Most fun ever.Did post a report back the first week of jan,check it out.
One fish can change it all.....
Thanks August, I did a trip to sterkies october last year main aim of the trip was yellows but I also managed a couple of bass.

I wont be taking my boat this trip so was hoping to find a spot where I can do some bank fishing, I see that there are a lot of small bass fishing dams at the lodges / resorts in that area.
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left you an image in the galery of the burg...hope it helps a little.. :blue-biggrin:
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did some fishing off the bank at the 3 dams at the resort (Dragons Peak) next to the choir school and also at the airfield close by.
lots of weed on the surface/
plastics are about the only option.
the dams are only fished during the school half term holidays.
and are not stressed.
they are walk around only.
they have some nice largies up to about 2.5 kg.
"any port in a storm"
Thanks headbutt, info appreciated !
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