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Bon Accord Dam: PTA

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HI Guys..

Are there any Bass in Bon Accord dam in Pretoria?
Hi Andrer,

Yes there are bass in the dam .... havn't fished there for a couple of years ... but i have caught some big fish in that dam. (2-3 kg)

Hi Funky fish...

can you launch a boat on the dam?
You used to be able to .... there's a camping / resort opposite the spar in Bon Accord ../which does have a slip ... i think you can still use a boat there

If you fish ...let me know what happens ... if you look at the wall ... just to the right is a shale bank with a bit of structure ...used to produce fish


I will let you know what happens
i didn't know there is bass in bon acord.... :evil: spent a boring weekend trying to catch non existing carps....should have taken my gear :evil:
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I didn't know Bon Accord still had water in it! The last time I went past, there was so much weed that it looked like a lawn :lol:
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Sounds like no one fishes it .. for bass atleast.. That could be a good thing!

Loads of fish???

Well if i get them ... Im not telling hahahahahaah
That's the spirit andrer :lol:
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Hi Guys,

This aint no cover up.... Bon Accord sucks!

We had to go there on sat as roodeplaat was closed!

We goton barbel on fly along the wall and thats it..

The dam is shallow and muddy.. and its loaded with barbel..

They also say there is a game fish called a makriel.. never seen on cause im from PMB but if anyone have a pic or detail please let me know!

Dont waste your time or money going to this mud puddle!

We did get fish at roodeplaat later that day though which saved us from a BAD DAYS FISHING
I don?t think Bon Accord has any makriel, Roodekopjes and renosterkop is the only dams close to Pretoria that I know of that have makriel. They rarely get bigger than 1 kg, but are a very aggressive little fish and they will take various lures especially something shiny like an DAM effzet spoon or inline spinner. I found a pic of one caught on the net here is the url
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Thanks for the pic..

The guy at the gate said they often get them...

After seeing that little hunch back im glad i didnt get on. ahhaha


You also don?t want to touch the fins, they are poisonous and it stings like hell if it penetrates the skin, but they do provide a nice fight for its size.
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Hi Andrer, when you went to bon accord did you see if they still allow boats and if they have a launch pad. I need to switch my boat over to another trailer and this is the nearest dam to me.

What did you pay to enter at the gate, I dont want to pay too much money just to get the boat on another trailer.

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Hi Vlam.

Sorry for late reply you have probably sorted your boat now hey.

Boats are allowed and they a good slip way..

very expensive for a crap dam.. R100 for a boat two people and a car.

Rather go somewhere else and fish for the day to make it worth while


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