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Bon Accord Dam: PTA

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I needed to familiarize myself with my new Splash Bass. So I choose Bon Accord Dam as it is 30km away from me, and the boat shops a stone trough away.

I launched my boat at the Sun Set View Hotel (R105). 2 x slipway’s and some jetty’s.

The Dam is about 1.5km by 2km big. Water was fairly clear. Some water Hyacinth.

I saw tons of Big Carp and some barbell. “Carp was spawning” (and No, the fish was not swimming backwards)

Dam is fairly flat bottomed and 4 meters deep. Have two or three rocky sections.

After putting the boat through its paces, and I did not make it go Glug- Glug, I decided to try some bass fishing with my friend at one of the rocky sections. We pulled 3 Bass quickly 600g to about +1 kg. We use “Dark Green curly tails”.

After wards we had a Hamburger at the pub.

All in all Bon Accord dam surprised me; I also thought it was dirty in and out
Enjoy all the new angling destinations your new boat has on offer!
Regards Robert Jacobs

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