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Has any one fished Mdloti before, looks a bit small. Just thinking of alternatives to Inanda if the worse comes to the worse.
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Hi there pomerob!!!

Looking forward to the KZN tour!!!! I've never fished Mtloti so I can't comment on that, but there are other dams in the area... There is shongweni, there is midmar if you're really worried about fishing Inanda. We will be fishing Inanda this weekend, so I'll let you know how it goes....

What did you mean by "if the worst comes to the worst"...???

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Rob don?t stress about Inanda? I fish there twice a week and you just take the normal precautions like you do at any dam? sure in the 40 odd times I have been there one group of little locals threw stones when we would not give them plastics? and yes they are annoying when you come across them on the side of the dam when they beg for fish and plastics? but you ignore them and sneaker on?

Every weekend there are plenty of campers so things can?t be that bad? and the long weekend the camp site was completely packed out 100% and if the weather is good on weekends there is a lot of people at the dam.

You simply cannot miss Inanda dam on a tour of KZN? it?s got to be the best dam in the country. So if you are a little nervous then by all means book into a B&B but you just gotta fish Inanda!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Ok, thanks Rob, Fab. I was getting worried about camping out there during the week when it is quiet. Dont feel like spending 45 min every morning packing up camp so everything is safe. Also started getting excited about some Rock and Surf Big Grin

I know every place has potential bad elements, we got cleaned out at Harties a couple of years back, skottles, gas lamps cooler boxes alles whilst we were sleeping.
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