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Bivane Dam

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I see that one of the venues for the Gauteng BETT circuit is Bivane Dam. I havent a clue where this is . Can you guys please give advice and some pointers on the dam? BETT have selected this dam to help relieve fishing pressure from the closer dams.Thanks friends :blue-biggrin:
Bivane is close to Vryheid. I've only fished it once and didnt do too well so my pointers might not be helpfull at all. I do however recall that the guys who did well on that particular trip fished the river section and pitched jigs and creature baits against the sheer cliffs.

It certainly is one of the most scenic dams around and its not uncommon to see alot of game on the water's edge when fishing.

There is a website on Bivane but unfortunately I dont know the url off hand - maybe try Google or one of the other search engines??
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I will pm a link to a thread with all the info you may require
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Awsome dam - a fair distance to get there - <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->. Crankies in the pearl colours and dead ringer are always good.Crank the points and plastic in the river section
I've fished this dam on a few occassions and it can be really tough or fantastic fishing. The dam has a lot of 3 spot minnows in it so the fish are well fed and generally in excellent nick. It is a lovely stretch of water with so many "bassy" looking spots that it can be daunting to figure out where to fish. I generally prefer fishing the flats there but when the pressure is up, they tend to head for deep cover and cling to structure.
One word of advice, tarp your boat nice and tight before hitting the long dirt section about 20kms before the dam because that fine powdery dust gets in everywhere.
Thanks a stack for the contribution guys. :blue-biggrin: Much appreciated. I will be taking note of all the advice. :blue-biggrin:

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