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Directions to Albert Falls

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Hi Guys.

Right, here are the directions to Albert Falls for those of you coming down from Gauteng for the KZN tour.

Once you go past Midmar dam and reach Hilton, you will stay on the N3 which winds down a pretty serious hill. At the Bottom, you will go past BMW on your right and Midlands Mall on your left hand side. The next off ramp will be the Greytown / Albert Falls off ramp. Take that offramp and zero your odo trip meter at the robot. At this same robot, you need to turn left.

After turning left at the top of the offramp, go through 2 robots and turn right at the third one just after KFC. Your trip meter will read 1,2km at this stage. To check that you have taken the correct route, after turning at this robot, the road turns immediately left and goes past a building that has a banner on it which reads "Action Racing"
Continue straight down the hill, through a few robots and then start climbing uphill. you will stay straight on this road for quite a while. Just a small word of warning to those eager to get to Alberts, there are two potential transom destroying bumps on this road at about 14,7km and 15,3km on the trip meter, so watch out for those.

At around 16,6km on the trip meter, you will see a small dam on your left hand side in a dip. The next road left is the one you need to take and is 17,9km on the trip. To confirm, it is the left after you see a few brown signs.
One reads "Albert Falls Miniature Railway" the other of more importance reads "Albert Falls Dam"

Once you take this left, keep on straight until you go over a single vehicle passage bridge. DO NOT take the left opposite the cash store that is sign posted "Albert Falls Dam" as this will take you to the main entrance and that is NOT the Bon Accorde entrance.

So, after the speed humps, go over the single passage bridge and after the bridge, turn immediately left and drive parallel with the river for a while. You will get to a T-juntion at 21,1km on the trip meter.
Here you need to turn left and head towards Cramond. At 22,2km there is a railway bridge you go over which also has a nasty bump so watch out for this. At 22,9km the Bon Accorde entrance is on your left after the small sign that reads "Department of Water Affairs"

I hope this helps, and look forward to meeting all you "foreigners"
Aish..... after reading directions and watching the trip meters, we'll be getting fone calls to come pull vehicles from bushes as they've left the road and gone farming!!!!! lol....

Well done Drew!!!! Accurate info for the upcountry foreigners!!!! lol.....

You guyz from up country must also get some cell fone numbers, if you don't already have, from us guyz down here so we can help if something goes wrong or if you're lost!!!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Thanks Drew, I have printed and studied your directions and think I can find it now.
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I'll follow you rob 8O
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Thanks very much drew and thanks for the bump warnings.
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