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Nagel Dam, KZN

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Has anyone been to Nagel dam lately?

I am interested in safety, launch facilities and if possible some concise directions. With the Inanda situation it's time to seek alternative venues.
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Havent been there for about 2 yrs now so cannot comment on safety (maybe aske Norkie and Warren :blue-biggrin: :blue-redface: ). I do know that they have a pretty decent slipway..........i think there are actually 2 slipways??

As for directions - there are some good directions on the Msinsi website - the website seems to be out of order though :blue-question: :blue-rolleyes:

I am sure you'll be able to plot a route on streetmaps or one of those sites :blue-question:
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Nagel Dam is one of the most under fished dams around and I have fished it many time.
I've got a nice 3.2kg fish next to the dam wall. The first wall by the river is a diversion wall and also hold a few bass. The main wall is were I caught the 3.2kg. You can take a boat there but can only idle around but is small enough to use your sneaker to explore the whole dam and slipway is fine.

As for directions, if you are coming form Durban take the Cato Ridge turn off and go right over the bridge keep right and along that road for 2kms then left for 5 kms and left again past the air field which is now Toyota parking lot, 19 kms down the valley to the Dam. When you see the Dam sign at the bottom of the valley don't turn right over the river keep straight and you will arrive at the gate, which is normaly open. Never had a problem with security but then again it is quite isolated. Guards do patrol periodically inside the dam and will even arrange a guard for no extra charge if you want to camp.

Lovely dam for bank fishing but it is a canoe dam with the longest paddling lanes in the country I believe. So when there's an outing for the canoeists its packed. Have often been the one one at the dam fishing and you can feel a little isolated. Oh and I've also caught bass in the river it's self.
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I haven’t been to Nagel for ages... it used to be one of my spots before I got my first boat... you can fish from the side. While I never caught any big fish in those days I know there are big fish based on feedback... Denny Mushroom (aka Smeegle) is a boff at that dam.

I never had any security issues there at all but it was over a year ago I went...

[Image: Nagel.jpg]
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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we use to fish there a lot on kickboats but since the crocs have grown in size i havent been back...we havent had any problems with security yet...but as mentioned you feel a bit isolated.

we have caught some decent fish at nagle.

you must just be aware that one day the dam level is 100 % and a week later it could be 10 metres or more down.

launching is not a problem...just be careful on the road it gets tight if you are pulling a boat in some places.
rob you need those glasses checked they even put a picture for people who cant read...thats a huge fine :blue-badgrin:
Have not been to Nagel since the shooting incident about a year ago. Although I will probably never go there again it certainly looks like a dam with lost of potential.

It is a no-wake zone dam but the locals ignore it as they made wakes with the bullets when shooting at the anglers and missing them and hiting the water!

This is the "home" of Denny Mushroom aka Smeegle, he's your man to report on the place.
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the one day at inanda a fella walked right up to next to the boat while in the bay right at the back of durban bay...when i looked up and saw he had a pump action shot gun i nearly soiled myself...but he wasnt concerned about me he was off shooting birds i decided not to stick around.

i also had and incident where the fella was standing on the hill in the bay behind kens cliffs just taking pot shots...missed the boat by miles but also wasnt gona stick around and take the chance.
Thanks for the feedback guys - most appreciated.
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