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Magic Forest

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If any one is interested in joining me at Magic Forest Tomorrow in Welgemoed Cape Town. Went there a few days ago and saw 3 bass just cruising around in the shallows going to go give the old Bass float tube a try there.

There is 2 dams in Magic Forest so if one dam isn't producing theres always another dam to try about 1 minute walk from the Top Dam.

Coordinates: 33°51'35,65"S 18°36'57,49"E
these dams is over is lure shy.

Over fished from certain shore spots but im sure ill nail a few on a float tube ive nailed a bass there before on a spinner fishing from this one spot off a log that was floating on the water unreachable from the shore
The majority of the dam is blocked off by reeds and trees so the bass dont get to see much lures plus ive got my new kicktail lures that i want to try out
Enjoy, I'll be at Theewaters, hope the @#$% wind stays away :blue-rolleyes:
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
Sigh I have never seen fussier bass in my life. There were 8 bass just cruising around in the shallows all over 1,5 kg. Throw every lure in their face that I have and they just look at it and swim away with disgust Sad

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