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Ultimate two-step

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OK, I'm keen for the float tube Smile Thanks Ian and Sean. I then only going to pack one two piece rod and minimum lures. So what would you guys recommend I bring? I'll bring my flippers.

Ian, I'll send you a pm with my details.

@Norkie. I use to go to your town at least once a month about 2 years ago. Had two big clients there when I did sub contract work. I still visit then every now and again for odd jobs.
No problem Ill drop it off this week at Ian's place.
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sounds good to me...thanks sean.

just bring the bare essentials we will make a plan dont worry... i have a big takle box :blue-biggrin: and i have just started replacing and stocking up on essentials like flukes etc..getting ready for the new a kid in a candy store just cant get enough...gona end up with 16 crankbait trays again.

the boat might even be ready for the weekend.

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