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Hey tell me if I'm wrong...........but who has tried to get sponsors, it's hard and I tried with some sales pitch. All i want them to do is wrap my boat, Mia's and Lois have help me with discount on product's but I feel if you wanna go all the way next year you need some sort of team
Hey Tommy...I don't know if it will help boet, but I have miles of cling wrap! ...You will just have to bring it to Cape Town boet!!!.... :blue-biggrin: :blue-biggrin:

And, seeing has you've just had a little one I can fit a pink bow as well!!!.... Bwaaahaaaaa.

Couldn't resist!!! :blue-badgrin: :blue-lol:
"I don't exagerate...I think big!"
Dude, Its actually very hard work to get sponsors .. you actually have to proof to them that you can really promote them, Its even harder to go back to the same sponsor for renewal!!
Knowledge is the key - Buck Perry
Hahahaha!!!!! I see that the mountain goat juice is getting to you, well VX thanks for that and hope that something will come right!!!!!!
Yo thug!!

It seems to me if youre not on the podium every weekend its almost impossible to get somebody to back you.............unless of course you know the right ppl in the right places.......hint hint.......RF :blue-shock:

Just to give you an idea!!! My boet is a really good cricketer and he has performed consistently well for the past three years. He's been the top run scorer in the Titans premiur club league and he's been in the top 5 run scorers at the national club champs for the past three years!! We sent his profile to all the major cricketing guys and the best we could do was a players sponsor with Kookabura........and now he gets his kit at cost :blue-shock: :blue-sad:

So I reckon you and your partner should just work hard and get on the podium a couple of times next season and failing that you should perhaps look at bribing the guys with that Rolls Royce Phantom standing in your shop :blue-biggrin:

Good luck anyways :blue-cool:
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VX hit the nail on the head… you have to prove to them that you can promote the product and make a difference! Did I mention that everyone should use Steez rods and reels? I just got my first delivery… a 6’7” Steez and another Steez reel! I am so excited I may have to vomit!
:blue-biggrin: :blue-shock:
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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robfisher Wrote: I am so excited I may have to vomit!
:blue-biggrin: :blue-shock:

As long as you don't do it on the Springbok jersey! :blue-badgrin:
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I have to agree Rob, this rod is like something out of Star Trek!! Time will tell, but I think it's a winner. What Rob didn't tell you is that getting a sponsorship takes time and a fair amount of hard work!! :blue-cool:
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Hmmm there's a guy in my town that is doing consistently well in the C4C. They are Team Lady Grey Calman and Darren. Wont be long before these guys will be fishing compo in the States. Keep a lookout for them. White Basseeker 440 with I think Yamaha motor
if sponsors want you to promote them then fair deal they would prefer guys that fish consistanlty well .So if you make the podium more than most , then the sponsors need to open there eyes and see who going to promote them.I have had my SA colours Natal colours , and a few top ten finishers this year and second place at the BETT final .I have tried but now waiting for the sign up :blue-question:
sponsorship is not just about doing well in compititions...i think thats were people are getting it more about your appearance and people skills...i dont know how rob got sponsored :blue-biggrin:

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